No matter what industry sector your business is in, your employees' mind-set and happiness are an integral part of your company's success. If your business is run by a happy, motivated team of people, they will want to do well and in return your business will do well. In order to ensure the effective running of your business, we've come up with some top tips to keep your employees happy and motivated.

Happy workers 41. Recognise achievements

It's very unrewarding to work hard, achieve goals but not receive any recognition - so make sure you recognise your staff regularly with rewards for their achievements.

This could be by giving a monthly bonus, setting up an 'employee of the month scheme' which gives company-wide recognition and a physical or financial reward for winning the accolade. It's all about saying 'thank you' and making your staff feel valued.

2. Offer a career

One of the best incentives you can offer is clear career progression. After all, one of the main reasons good employees leave is because they run out of options to progress in your company.

Commit to helping your employees become even more brilliant by providing further training and giving them time off to attend conferences or events. If you can give your employees something more than just the nine to five you'll have a loyal workforce.

3. Offer flexible work schedules

Keep tabs on your employees' work/life balance - it should never be all work and no play! Long hours and relentless schedules can worryingly result in employee burnout, which often means losing your best team members to a better-balanced workplace. Make sure they take their lunch breaks, offer flexible working hours etc.

4. Pay them right

Keep a tab on industry compensation standards. Structure the bonus and benefits well. Most employees work efficiently when they know they are getting paid well. If they feel like they're underpaid for the work they do, they're likely to leave. Offer benefits such as childcare vouchers, sports memberships, subsidised lunches or even a number of hours a week that can be worked from home. 

5. Give them more responsibility

If you feel that your employee is lazy or bored, the likelihood is that they're feeling unproductive or demotivated because their role is too easy. Don't under-use your staff, pass over more responsibility where you can! Ask them what they're interested in, what else they'd like to learn and what they like to do outside of work and tailor extra tasks to meet those interests. 

Put these five steps into action and you'll notice that your employees are happy and motivated! Running a company is all about maintaining productivity as well as thinking about each employee as an individual with their own aspirations. Career prospects, a reliable rewards system, genuine communication and giving credit will provide a firm basis for great working relationships.