Are you a business owner and wondering whether it's time to hire more staff? Well wonder no more! Here are some tips to help you decide if it is or isn't time.

1. Nonessential tasks taking up too much of your time 
If you are finding yourself consistently ending your day with unfinished tasks not producing tangible results at your desired pace, it is quite safe to say that it's time to get some assistance and delegate some of these tasks. Often times, these tasks would be around administrative duties you may need to an extra hand or two in! That way you can use your time working to develop strategies to grow your business.  
2. Customer Service is getting difficult
Unfortunately, an insufficient workforce can cause your customers falling through due to various reasons e.g. problems with delivery, keeping up with enquiries etc. If upon observation you have noticed that you are struggling to provide a satisfactory level of customer service, then this would be a good time to consider hiring more staff to prevent your business from losing potential customers.
3. Overworked staff
If the workload increases to a degree that makes it difficult for your team to meet the company's objectives, it puts a strain on the productivity and progress of your company. Your team may be experiencing high stress levels and in some cases cause them to request time off due to illness. Don't ignore these red flags as this does call for more staff to assist with the workload to alleviate your existing team of the stress and workload. 
4. Company affordability for growth 
If the current state of your business or team can relate to the past three points, its almost safe to say that you're ready to hire more staff. However, it would be very essential to assess whether hiring more staff is affordable for your company at this time. Identify what your budget is and also be aware that if hiring more staff doesn't increase your number of sales at a reasonable rate, that too can put your company at risk. Therefore, alternative options that you can explore is investing in team building course to improve the teams skills and efficiency in order to get better results that allow the company to excel or outsourcing. 
 You would need to think thoroughly on what type of space would be most suitable for your business and team to work effectively and efficiently. It may be that your team will better function with an open plan or closed space or even a combination of both. You will also need to take into consideration whether you would need additional space for other operations such as a storage room. 
Taking time out to evaluate your business' employee growth plan will be vital to determine what type of work space you require and could save you a substantial amount of money. You put yourself at risk of spending so much by having to move to a different office space due to insufficient space to accommodate your staff team mid-lease. Build or rent in accordance to your expected growth.    

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