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Does your company want to start a blog, but you're still struggling with reasons why?

Everyone in business seems to be doing it, and you know you probably ought to get into it - but how often? What to write? How to write? What images to use? How to get it read? What impact will it have on your business development - and can it really drive sales.

Wonder no more! Join us on the 9th of July for some top tips and advice from our expert, Rebecca Chamberlain of RLC Words.

About Rebecca

Rebecca has been writing professionally since her first graduate job as a journalist in 2000 – and creating websites to showcase them on since 2017.

Rebecca has written for broadsheet and tabloid publications; managed internal communications, websites, intranets and corporate reporting; helped small businesses; written and refreshed dozens of CVs; and coached people from a whole range of backgrounds into new jobs, new challenges and new prospects.

After her two little boys started school, she decided to take the plunge and start her own business. Rebecca wanted to do all of the bits that she loved most in her jobs – writing, design and helping people to see what’s unique about them – and that's RLC Words began!

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