We had a lovely conversation with Amy Fokkens from Crown Counselling recently. Amy has joined us at iCentre in Newport Pagnell and we wanted to find out more about her, how she helps people and why she chose Bucks Biz ...

Amy started her counselling business just 4 weeks ago after extensive training in Bedford where she made a lot of good connections. She had counselling for a bereavement herself and felt it was a good way to pay it forward and help others. However, as she wanted to concentrate on helping people in the Milton Keynes area, it made sense for her to find a room closer to home.

Amy is passionate about helping people with low self-esteem and low self-worth!

She said, "Being a younger counsellor meant I can really connect with people of all ages. I'm generally very approachable and friendly, however, there are a lot of people who need help to feel better about themselves, especially as we emerge from the pandemic."

Being a mother, Amy finds that many of the enquiries she receives are from young mums as well as women in refuges, needing to start out on their own. "It's amazing how guided talking in a counselling session can lift people. It's what I really love about what I do".

Amy says she always smiles when people get those "Ah-ha!" moments on their journey!

We asked Amy why she chose Bucks Biz. She said, "I finished my training and was looking for a space to work from. iCentre is easily accessible, has good parking and everyone seems to know where it is". She continued, "I could furnish and decorate it how I wanted and with a simple all-inclusive monthly payment, Bucks Biz ticked a lot of boxes straight away."

Finally, we asked Amy what was her favourite part of being a counsellor. She thought for a while then smiled. "I consider it to be a privilege to be able to witness the positive change and growth that my clients have experienced in our work together." She added, "I really do believe that when provided with the right conditions anyone has the capacity to move forward into a happier, free and more fulfilling life."

We love having Amy Fokkens from Crown Counselling with us at iCentre and we wish her every success with her business.

To find out more about her, visit www.crowncounselling.co.uk today.