It was lovely to talk to Scott Watson from Strider IT Solutions recently. Scott has a unit at our Barton Road business centre and refurbishes then resells used computer equipment to schools and businesses in the area ...

He has been working in the industry for 12 years, running Strider IT Solutions for the last 2 years and wants it to become a family business. Scott said, "In a few years when my kids are older, I'll hopefully get them involved so they can become part of my business". That's a lovely thing to plan for.

We were fascinated with the sorts of IT products Scott refurbished. "I mostly get my kit second hand from corporates. Laptops, PCs and Monitors are the most abundant. I'll wipe the data, clean up the product and test it, then I can sell it on for a fraction of the cost of new". Scott also offers a warranty on all the products he resells and can even offer finance.

We asked Scott why he chose Bucks Biz as his base of operations. He responded with, "My first reason was convenience as I live nearby, but the pricing is really good and the Bucks Biz team always go above and beyond when I need changes to my unit". He pays one monthly payment for his rent, then utilities are extra.

"Always very helpful and there's even a great café too!" Scott believes that having such a great place to work from means he can just get on with it, surrounded by everything he needs to make a success of his business.

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