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Upgrade Your Social Media in 2020 - Part 3

Posted By: / February 7, 2020

Here we are with part 3 of our series of ideas for upgrading your Social Media posts in 2020.  Rachel Allen, of 13Ten Marketing, based here in our offices to rent Milton Keynes iCentre, has been advising us on ways to make our Social Media more relevant and engaging for our clients and followers and, since presenting a workshop on the topic live in front of hundreds of people at the Recruitment Agency Expo at London's Olympia, we thought we would tap her up for some more ideas!

1.  Ask for ideas for your products/services - Asking your audience to contribute to the development of your products or services will make them feel more valued, and provide you with some wonderful feedback. You could also make this more fun by turning it into a competition. Cadburys used this to great advantage when they invited the public to design their own chocolate bar.

2.  Share controversy - Nothing will get your social media channels buzzing like a bit of controversy. Don’t post anything that will cause offence, but feel free to share any news that may spark debate. Ask your audience for their opinions on the matter.

Shocked young business woman using laptop looking at computer screen blown away in stupor sitting outside corporate office. Human face expression, emotion, feeling, perception, body language, reaction

3.  Do a series - You can run a series of blogs (like this one), so why not do the same for your social media content? Post across a few days or weeks about a particular topic and give your audience something to follow.  You can see parts 1 and 2 of this particular blog series HERE and HERE.

4.  Weekly round-up - Gather the best industry news and information from the week to share with your audience.  We do this on a monthly basis here at Bucks Biz - sending all of our subscribers a run down of the month's events and most interesting (according to us!!) blog posts - but there's nothing to stop you doing it weekly, if you've got lots going on.

5.  Exclusive social media content - Give people a reason to follow you on social media by creating exclusive content. Only post about certain deals or offers on your social media channels or give your followers the first look at new products.

Check back for our final instalment of this blog series in the next week or so, when we'll have our final 5 tips to making your Social Media amazing in 2020!

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