Have you been following our series of tips and suggestions for how to get your Social Media content sorted for 2020?  You can see the previous three parts HERE, HERE and HERE.

For today though, here are our final five fantastic content ideas.  Let us know in the comments if you have any more ideas that have worked for you - we'd love to share them.

1. Host a competition - A social media competition gives your audience the chance to be rewarded for supporting your business. It could also be pretty beneficial for raising your brand awareness, especially if you encourage participants to share with their friends!

2. Polls - Fuel debates by using polls in your social media strategy. Ask for your audience’s opinions, whether it’s about current events (e.g. who is going to win the Football), or about your brand directly (e.g. do you want our product to come in other colours).  Don't just use the polls to increase engagement though - follow through - start a conversation.  after all, this is SOCIAL media!

3. Ask for audience opinion - Present your audience with questions such as ‘If you were in x situation, what would you do?’ If it’s an interesting or original scenario then it’s likely to elicit a variety of opinionated and varied responses, which might actually help to solve issues in your business too - double whammy!

4. Share quotes - These could be inspirational quotes, quotes from the team, or (positive) quotes and reviews from your customers about your business.  You can find quotes on many free image sharing sites, or make your own using free and easy to use software such as canva.

Dream Big, Work Hard. Inspirational Quote on Small Yellow Chalkboard. Business Background. Top View.

5. Plan your content - OK, this isn't a content idea, it's just great practice. Ideas aren't any good floating about in your head. Add your ideas to a content calendar, collaborate on them with your team & post them to all your channels at once.

If you feel like you need a little help with this, Rachel at 13Ten Marketing has you covered.  Following on from her fantastic Social Media Strategies for 2020 seminar that she ran right here at the iCentre in January, Rachel has created a bespoke package for Bucks Biz residents that will have you scheduling all of your social media content for under 1 hour a month.  13Ten Marketing will provide all the imagery, quotes, special days and top tips for content to schedule and when.  They will even do the work for you if you prefer.  To find out more, just email Rachel HERE.

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