Milton Keynes Council released an interesting statement the other day saying that MK ranks amongst the strongest local economies in the entire country and is expecting a strong economic recovery now the end of the pandemic is in sight ...

The Centre For Cities suggested in its Cities Outlook 2022 that our wonderful home will make a strong recovery and has the potential to become one of the UK's leading economies if the Government's levelling up policies are implemented as promised.

The latest data shows that MK sits among the top ten cities when it comes to new business start-ups, productivity and housebuilding rates!
Milton Keynes Council distributed vital funding through 20 different grant schemes in support of local businesses, with over 11,000 grants handed out totalling £65m. MK also has a £3.1m economic recovery package in place to provide training for local residents looking to return to work.

With such a good economic track record in Milton Keynes, many businesses will be looking to grow and expand in 2022!

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