As business owners, we are often concerned with looking after the financial health of our business and the emotional wellbeing of our staff, especially at the moment. However, don’t forget that you need to look after yourself too! We’ve had another dig through the Bucks Biz blog archives and found a number of articles all designed to help you keep your mental and physical wellbeing in great shape.

Manage your stress levels

This blog post was originally written back in November for Stress Awareness Week. There’s no doubt, we are living in highly stressful times as we are all concerned about the health of our friends and family, how we are going to survive financially AND we’re doing all this whilst trying to keep our kids occupied (and home-schooled). Take a look at some of the signs to look out for and some practical steps to put in to place, as and when you can. You might not be able to do it all right now, but be aware of how you feel and try to implement just one positive change to help yourself right now.

Take care of your back

We wrote this blog post a while back when it was Backcare Awareness Week. There’s a lot of useful hints and tips on  here to help you keep your back safe and well as you’re possibly working at home and not sat on an office chair or you’re trying to find ANY space in your house where you can concentrate without the interruption of your kids!

Keep up your exercise

A number of Bucks Biz residents are keeping us all fit and healthy. Take a look at the services on offer from PC Physio & Acupuncture Services who is doing virtual appointments and free bootcamps. Plus, she says a global pandemic isn’t an excuse to dodge exercise, so take a look at what Amanda from Rebellion Fitness has on offer for you!

Above all, stay motivated

These are unusual times, but take a look at some of these tips in this blog post to help keep you motivated whilst you work for yourself.  Setting a routine and making sure you get dressed for work every day are two key things to help you on the path for success.

Is there an area of your wellbeing that you’re struggling with now? Let us know and we will see if we’ve got any blog posts that will help you!