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It's no surprise that in the last year we have all had to adjust our working environment and in some cases possibly forever. When we are able to return to the offices should CEO's be rethinking how they use the office space? Should CEO's be hot-desking? Office space is usually the second biggest cost for companies with 40% of offices space not being used at any one time. We will be looking into the pros and cons of CEO's hotdesking it with the rest of us.

Paolo Guglielmini is the CEO of MSC Software, which has more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Wherever he travels, he hot-desks with his workforce. He is not the first however, Guy Laurence, the CEO of Vodafone in 2011 implemented hot desking with executives not having offices alongside the other members of staff, on the basis of the  Advanced Workplace Associates finding that companies who allowed staff to work from home suffered from less absenteeism.

According to Paolo, having a CEO who participates in hot-desking results in:

  1. A greater sense of comradery and feeling like a large team rather than a small cog
  2. Ideas get brought to you sooner because you're not separated or removed from your workforce
  3. The CEO is seen as less intimidating because they are involved with their employees
  4. Can result in more efficient working with the CEO actually in the office.

However, there are also plenty of negatives to this concept:

  1. According to a 2018 survey, some 65% of respondents claimed to feel “unsettled” as a result of hot-desking, this would only get worse if there was a possibility that the CEO could be sitting opposite or next to you for the next day or week.
  2. Other employees could find it intimidating and be less productive as a result feeling as though they are being monitored
  3. If employees have a grievance or concern they would like to raise there isn't always guaranteed to be a separate room to discuss it with the CEO.
  4. It could decrease office banter or conversations for 5 or 10minute breaks and catch-ups with colleagues

2020 has taught us that office space is not a necessity for the majority of companies and job roles. The working environment has been changed and more flexible working environments are looking more like a permanent fixture. Whether you, as a CEO, what to hot-desk with your fellow colleagues or have a designated office space, Bucks Biz will cater to whatever needs and requirements you have with over 600 office spaces to choose from.