So, your small business is growing and you’re ready to move out of your home office or studio and rent your first industrial space?  How do you decide which commercial space is right for you? This is an important decision that you’ll want to get right - your office, unit or studio can significantly increase - or decrease productivity, employee retention and customer satisfaction.  When considering your ideal base, there are some key things to consider:


How big a commercial space do you really need? It would be lovely to have a big office with reception area and break room, but do you need all that space? Don’t tie your business in to large rents and long commitment periods unless you really have to.  You might have dreams of lots of employees and a large office, but don’t pay for it while it’s just you and your part time assistant. Choose somewhere that’s just big enough for your needs at first, but can grow with you, so you’re not paying for industrial space you don’t need, ‘just incase’.


Do you really need to be on the high street for your customers, or are you thinking of your lunch breaks and proximity to a Costa?  Prime locations are an expensive essential for lots of businesses, but what about yours? Would your customers prefer an out of town location with free parking?  Would easy access and transport links help? What about a 24-hour reception for package deliveries?

office space-2


Small business owners can really waste a lot of time outsourcing skilled tasks, managing office and equipment, and running out for milk for the tearoom!  That cute little office on the high street might look great, but if you spend all your time sorting out leaky taps and cleaning supplies, how much real work will you get done?  Consider an out of town business complex that has maintenance provided and complimentary businesses on site - it might just save you a lot of time and effort.

At Bucks Biz, it’s easy to start small with a two-person office space or studio, and move into bigger spaces as you grow.  You can grow with confidence too, because it’s just as easy to downsize again should you need to. Don’t worry about the coffee either - at our Milton Keynes Business Centre we’ve got a great on-site coffee shop and even a bar for that after-work drink!