Do you use Social Media for your business?  Are you comfortable that you use it well, or do you feel you could do with some help?  Read on for some top tips and suggestions to make your social-media life a bit easier.

First rule of social media

Social Media is constantly changing and evolving.  Are you up to date with what the latest algorithms mean? Are you confident that you know the difference between a post that boosts engagement, and one that decreases visibility?  Not sure what any of that means? Fear not - there is help available, and it's right here in the iCentre!

Once a month, Sam Poole, Director and Founder of Mum to Mum & The SJPoole Network, utilises the iCentre's meeting room facilities to run her networking group.  A new kind of networking group for Milton Keynes, SJPoole Netowrking allows local businesses the opportunity to connect, collaborate and grow - networking in the presence of experts in Social Media, Blogging and SEO. 

September's event is on Wednesday 11th, 9.30-12.00 and everyone is welcome - whether a Bucks Biz resident or not.  Sam says: "We want you to leave feeling elevated, inspired and motivated. At our events we want you to make connections, real collaborations, and new business friends!"

Non-member tickets are £25 and include hot drinks and pastries.  You can book to attend here.

Bucks Biz Community Page

If you haven't already, a great way to dip your toe in to the Social Media waters is to join the Bucks Biz Facebook group.  The group is closed, so only current Bucks Biz residents are accepted and people are deleted when they leave, so that you can rely on the group being just current residents of either MK1, MK2 or the iCentre.  This gives you a safe space of like-minded business people to connect with and who knows, maybe you could find collaboration opportunities with your neighbours?

Dom Muskat from Bucks Biz explained "The goal of the Facebook page is for all people who use Bucks Biz sites (MK1, MK2 and iCentre) to communicate, and do businesses. It is also our method to engage in conversations with the people who use our buildings. The group is not for selling (although we do hope that a nice by-product is increased business between members) which is why content is monitored and selling posts are limited. However free discussion, recommendations and advise is always encouraged."
Have you collaborated with another Bucks Biz resident, having connected through the Facebook page?  We'd love to hear about it and feature you in the blog - it's all good exposure!  Just get in touch with us!
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