What our clients are saying...

We rent studio space in Milton Keynes from Bucks Biz because they have a simple, friendly approach and great track record for providing space for businesses whatever the size, we took advantage of this and since we first started rented have since upgraded our size of unit three times!

The staff are great, and there is always a buzz around the place as Bucks Biz constantly look to improve their facilities.

Ebe Ghansah
M1 J14  Academy

The ethos of our business is based around the welfare of our staff, the ethos of Bucks Biz is based around the welfare of its clients, this is why we have been here for so long and will continue to do so.

Ray Sant
Contract Security (United Kingdom) Ltd

We are really happy as an occupier with Bucks Biz now; the whole moving process was simple, cost effective & straightforward. As on-site landlords they manage the building & tenancy experience efficiently – a weight off our minds.

Martin Duffy
Advent Exhibitions Ltd

When we were looking to rent office and industrial space Milton Keynes, the guys at Bucks Biz discussed our requirements and adapted a unit to suit our needs perfectly. This meant that we were able to move in and be up and running from day one!

We are a well established specialist retailer of model railways, and slot racing cars and accessories. Our business has grown and moved away from the High Street and more on to the Internet, so we were looking for premises not only physically designed to our needs but also just as importantly with good internet access.

Bletchley Business Centre’s excellent IT infrastructure with high speed broadband plus 24/7 back-up has suited us perfectly. It is also useful that customers are able to visit us by appointment to collect orders or browse our stock.

Years on and we are very happy with our decision to re-locate to Bletchley Business Campus.

MRE (www.mre.co.uk)

We’re unique in that we are the only ISO certified scientific glassblowing company in the country for Scientific Glassblowing – and we chose to rent industrial space in Milton Keynes at Bletchley Business Campus! They fitted out units to cater for our specific needs, and it was done in no time at all. Nothing was too much trouble, it was so easy to move in.

And now we’re here - here’s my specific claim to fame: "If you’ve given blood anywhere in the world in the last thirty years – I personally made a glass part that it passed through" It all happens at Bletchley Business Campus.

Will Fludgate
Biochem Glass (www.biochemglass.co.uk)

Since meeting Joe and Dominic Muscat from Bucks Biz back in 2011, our business, Rapid Sales Solutions, Business Live and Business Expo 3.0 have developed exceptionally more than they would have, had we not decided to rent office space in iCentre Newport Pagnell.

The Bucks Biz team have been so supportive in providing excellent office and meeting room facilities and giving our business the head start it needed to give our staff and clients a professional, friendly and functional environment.

I would recommend if you are in year one of your new business or year 101, Bucks Biz as the largest, independent business centre in Milton Keynes will have an office or storage solution to meet your needs and budget.

Victoria Beale
Rapid Sales Solutions, Business Live and Business Expo 3.0

After the “Fun & Games” of finding and moving into an office, thought I’d put pen to paper and tell the story! So, after much procrastinating and lots of (allegedly) “working from home” we decided to get an office of our very own! Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Find one online, view it, hand over some lolly and job done – a beautiful new office  is ready to  be moved into!

Not so fast… 

The first place I found was a lovely little self-contained unit (about 2 mins from my house – what a coincidence!) it even had a small garden! Walk to work with the dog I thought, fantastic! So, after a quick call to the estate agent to arrange a viewing I was full of excitement and proceeded to drag my long suffering wife to have a poke through the windows. OK, it needed a lick of paint and a general tidy up – not a problem I thought!

The viewing! So, the day arrived and I patiently, ok excitedly, waited for my agent to arrive with the keys. No show. Well, it happens, we all have last minute pressures and running a small business I’m very familiar with this – so a rearrange was made. Another evening of peering through windows with my (now somewhat disinterested) wife. 

Another no show? Well, that’s annoying – so called to give them a piece of my mind – I hung up after being told that they would cope just fine without my money. How rude!

OK, after a quick re-think I started down the “serviced office” route. After visiting a couple of very plush looking buildings and being told “I can use any other office in the world” a looked at my bank account and thought –


Now, dismayed is lovely word to describe my feelings as to serviced offices but thought I’d call a friend (serial entrepreneur) and ask for some advice – she recommended BucksBiz and to call a chap called “Dom” – So, I did.

The difference was immediately obvious – this was a person who knew the industry, sympathised with the issues I’d faced (there were others, I’ll tell you all about it for the price of a coffee!) and offered a solution on the day of my first visit! We wandered round a few offices until I found the one I’m currently sat in typing this. 

“Let’s talk charges”, “No, that’s it” – What? Let me explain, the price I was quoted (yes I used my haggling expertise learned from the Turkish bazars) was it! No other hidden costs, no other fees, even the furniture was included and we could move in the same week!

So, we did! I know I can be  pretty demanding but nothing was too much trouble – they rearranged the desks (about 6 times) with no fuss, helped me carry kit into the office and even helped my attach some white boards to the walls – no charges. From the friendly staff, to the welcoming atmosphere and the professional reception/meeting areas – I can’t fault BucksBiz for the help and support they have given us in making this the home for our thriving local business.

So, a huge thank you to the whole team – as we look to expand we’ll definitely be staying. (Did I mention they don’t even charge to move to bigger offices?)

Ryan Feeney
Tash Developments