There are quite a few myths told about serviced offices that can make one reconsider this option. So continue reading to find out what these myths are and how they simply aren't true. 

Over the last century, it seems a million things have changed about how we do business. Especially with how we communicate with each other as everything seems virtual whether its via text messages, email or even video calls. However, one thing that remains constant is that people need to meet in person in one room. 

The following 5 reasons tells you why you should make more use of the Bucks Biz meetings rooms... 

At least 70 percent of the people who use the Internet have one or more social media profiles who are constantly interacting online on different forums. This goes to show how powerful social media has grown to be and how useful it can be for small businesses to reach a huge portion of their target market. 

This article written by Lisa Cessford on LinkedIn, is incredibly helpful and insightful for those working in a team. Keep reading to find out how you can create a workplace of positive culture. 

It's really important that employers have a positive workplace culture, due to how they and their employees spend the majority of their life at work, seeing colleagues and managers more than loved ones. It's great that work gets completed on time, however it is often by unhappy employees who have one eye on the clock, and one foot out of the door. This is not conducive to any business.