Have you become so comfortable in your office at home that your level of productivity isn't so great anymore? Yet your also asking yourself how hard is it to move into a serviced office space? Well, you will be happy to know that the process of moving in is very simply and straightforward, especially with us at Bucks Biz!

There is a significant difference between a startup and a new small business that many are unaware of. If you're a startup or small business founder this would resonate with you.The purpose between the two are completely different and if misunderstood, it can hinder the success of your business. 


As offices across Milton Keynes gear up for Christmas parties, ‘Secret Santas’ and a nice chunk of annual leave, it's only right that our Bucks Biz community also get into the right festive spirits. 

Meet the newest member of the Bucks Biz community, Home Care Preferred, who joined our services offices in Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes at the start of this month. Find out more about what they do and the care sector has a special place in their heart. 


There are quite a few myths told about serviced offices that can make one reconsider this option. So continue reading to find out what these myths are and how they simply aren't true.